Valdštejn´s  era
In the past people used to go along the foot of Zebín hill just to get to the Valdice game preserve. However, Duke Valdštejn intended a different future for this place: around 1627 he started a construction of his prestigeous summer residence with a garden, which right here, on a conveniently sloping terrain, could be equipped with indispensable fountains and in the bottom part even with large pools of water driven from the Valdice brook. Guests were expected to arrive here from  Jičín through a monumental lime tree avenue. First they were to be astonished by the splendour of the arrival route itself and right then also by the monumental dimension of the Loggia – garden front opening into the garden in three directions. Right behind the garden, near the former Valdice game preserve – just to be seen from the terrace, there was built a large Carthusian monastery. One of the crypts of its church was to be a dynasty mausoleum of the noblemen from Valdštejn and Frýdlant...

On one hand there was the nobleman´s suburban villa with a garden as the image of a paradisal refuge for the days of  the earthly life and on the other one, just behind it, a monastery with a tomb as the last refuge for the eternal life. This way the two Valdštejn compounds were made and connected with a completely direct path, emerging right in front of you as the gate in the back courtyard entry opens.

However, the Duke´s sophisticated landscape plan how to connect former Carthusian monastery in Valdice, Loggia, central Church of St. Jacob in Jičín and Veliš hill on the horizon through a six-kilometre long line was not finished. What remained is just a torso of the original intention. The construction work in Loggia was stopped in1632, therefore the complex never served its original purpose. Now there are many questions concerning its use and facilities, particularly the use of the upper floors and a loft, as well as the garden area.