Dear visitor,

you are coming in the VALDŠTEJN  LOGGIA, unique Baroque monument, constructed under the governance of Albrecht of Valdštejn in 1630 -1634. This magnificent building, the only one of its kind in central Europe, was founded as a part of so called Baroque landscape composition. It was designed by Valdštejn´s Italian architects as a landscape axis linking sacral buildings, landscape landmarks and the town of Jičín. The Church of St. Jacob in Jičín was intended to be the centre of this composition.
The summer residence was likely to serve pastime merrymaking, concerts and horse performances. From the present-day point of view we may speak of a cultural centre. There is an assumption that the building should have been used as an observatory for watching stars and other natural phenomena such as summer and winter solstice.
The whole complex of the Libosad park with rare woody plants, the Court of Honour and Loggia was never finished, therefore the final appearance can only be vizualized.
The Valdštejn Loggia was to be the pride of the whole landscape complex as well as Jičín. Unfortunately the Duke´s death meant also the end of the sumptuous and timeless dream.
Robert Smolík´s interactive exposition can enable to get to know and understand this dream better.
Let us set out on the path of forgotten dreams…

interactive exhibition in the Valdštejn Loggia
- exterior -
Interactive house of knowledge in the Court of Honour conceals several knowledge quiz surprises.

In Baroque the science of stars and planets or astronomy was developed. People started to follow stars´messages and meanings, guiding their lives. This science was called astrology. Albrecht of Valdštejn was almost obsessed by the sciences and all his work and life were influenced this way. The architecture and landscape were designed in accordance with stars and his decisions were made based on the horoscope.

On the southern side of the observatory there is an astral map showing the stars in the sky just right above you. Turn the wheel so that today´s date of the month is in place of a number, representing current time in a numeral circle.